Matt Ginsberg’s Friday, 3/7/14 NYT crossword puzzle (ed. Will Shortz)

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March 7, 2014 by manvspuzzle


Theme: A weird “distressed cry”

Theme Answers:

  • 15A — TV show that debuted on 11/3/93 (and start of a parent’s distressed cry?) : THE NANNY
  • 39A — TV show that debuted on 9/22/04 (middle of the cry) : LOST
  • 43A — TV show that debuted on 1/5/70 (end of the cry) : ALL MY CHILDREN


Something Good: I dunno.  Maybe the Really Hard Stuff That Exploded My Brain?


3 7 14

Ouch.  This one wasn’t made for average dudes like me.  PAYNE crossing SPADE got me all Naticky.  FLAGON crossing FTC: same thing.  Might as well have been CLAGON/CTC for all I knew.   RENT crossing MENE I figured out by sheer luck.  No clue about ACTAEON, and I couldn’t see ARBOR or OVINES, so that corner sucked. And ENISLE?  Yowza!  I had to Google the date to figure out THE NANNY, and thus the NW and eventually get the corner filled in.  And I’d be lying if I said that was the only time I Googled during this puzzle.

So yeah, I suck.  I feel even more sucky when I look at the Scorecard at the Times sight and see that people I actually kinda know have solved this puzzle in *less than 6 minutes*.  Frowny face.

So I feature the brain-exploding as “Something Good” because master solvers need their fun, too.  And a challenge is always better than something that’s too easy.  On some level, I’d rather my puzzles go unfinished every day due to difficulty rather than finish them cause they’re simple.

Ok, gotta go.  I hope those of you attending the ACPT this weekend have a blast.  I won’t be there for a number of valid reasons, but I sincerely hope to join you next year.


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