Elizabeth C. Gorski’s Sunday, 4/20/14 NYT crossword puzzle (ed. Will Shortz)

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April 20, 2014 by manvspuzzle


Theme: Automobiles.  8 theme answers contain the name of a vehicle model, each of which is brilliantly placed over two “tires” (Os).

Theme Answers: Just look at the screen shot, silly

Something Good: Innovation.  This theme is the schlizz.  Totally unexpected, totally never seen before (by these eyes, at least).  Any time something new happens, it’s awesome.  And today is no exception.

4 20 14


Sure, I see the rough fill.  But there’s really nothing that gave me any trouble personally, so whatever.  And I already basically hate Sundays anyway, so the fact that I don’t really feel that hatred today is a big plus, I’d say.  So I stick with my initial sentiment: I’m swooning.

Gorski regularly hits my sweet spot.  I put her in my top five, for sure, along with Quigley, Berry, and ____ and ____.  I don’t know who goes in those blanks.  I’m tempted to say Livengood, but I’d have to seriously reflect for a while before being that definitive and I’m just not doing that tonight.  Deal with it.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that this puzzle gently rocked my socks off.  It was a generally muted solve, done in standard time with standard happiness, but the theme was way above average and some of the fill (SCOTT TUROW, COTTON BALL, SNOWY EGRET, etc.) was super-sweet.  I just had an all-around great time.  The theme was just fun and unique.  I can’t not like that.

By the way, Gorski’s not good enough to find a way to fit F-150 into her grid, so I didn’t see my vehicle today.  But I have owned a Forester.  The government just mails you one when you move to Vermont.

I don’t know what happened in this writeup.  What I’m trying to say is that I liked this.  Thanks, Liz.






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