Stanley Newman’s Thursday, 4/24/14 NYT crossword puzzle (ed. Will Shortz)


April 24, 2014 by manvspuzzle


Theme: 4-syllable clues.

Theme Answers:

  • 20A — The theme, part 1 : EVERY ONE OF THE
  • 39A — The theme, part 2 : CLUES HAS EXACTLY
  • 57A — The theme, part 3 : FOUR SYLLABLES

Something Good: The “aha moment.”  May not happen for all solvers, but I was grumbling (internally) about the clues for 80% of this solve.  Everything seemed a little off, a little weird, a little…something.  I was thinking that Shortz just didn’t do a great job editing, or let the constructor run wild with the clues (he’s a bit of an editor himself).  But then I got it, and it all came together and I smiled (again, internally).  Everything made sense and the world was right again.  Nice feeling.

4 24 14

I really enjoyed myself here, mostly for what I noted in the “something good” section.  The whole thing set *this solver* up perfectly for a roller coaster ride of disappointment and redemption.  My personal aha moment was really cool this morning.

Sure, the theme is borderline non-Thursday, but I don’t find the concept any more or less arbitrary than any other puzzle.  They’re all arbitrary in their own way.  You could pretty much say that about anything, I guess.  Incorporating the clues is something different, kinda fun, and I’m generally happy when it happens.  Unexpected and interesting.

Not much more to say.  Fill seems very average, which isn’t quite normal for this constructor, but it’s fine.  The crossing of NORA/RALLYE made my heart flutter for a bit, but I got through it.

That’s it for today.





One thought on “Stanley Newman’s Thursday, 4/24/14 NYT crossword puzzle (ed. Will Shortz)

  1. tom pepper says:

    Decent puzzle. When I saw Stan Newman’s name for a Thursday, it raised my expectations that this would be a very different and clever puzzle. Because of that, I was a little underwhelmed in the end, but still enjoyed it.

    Got very interested, briefly, when it appeared there was some SEX ACT involved, but that oho! moment quickly resolved to an oh moment.

    LIked the clue for ELAL, an interesting bit of knowledge on a piece of crosswordese. LIFEBELTS, on the other hand, is, at best, iffy.

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